Greetings to the new manager

November 2, 2015 - 6:05 PM

Former TNO IoT specialist will run new business development for SenZ2.

Martin is an Industrial Engineer with a passion for intelligent sensor based systems. After Océ Technologies, a tech-startup at YESDelft! and a post graduate course of the Dutch Ministry of Defense he joined TNO in The Hague. From 2006 he was involved in systems design and research towards intelligent sensor networks for defense and public safety. In 2010 he formed the basis for TNO’s 25M€ enabling technology program on Adaptive Multi Sensor Networks. Since the start of this research program in 2011 Martin operated as a consultant and business developer supporting organizations to leverage the emerging power and potential of Sensors, Telecommunication and Intelligent Systems.

From november 2015 Martin will lead the new business development for SenZ2 bringing next generation active RFID to industrial markets. SenZ2 delivers turnkey industrial grade tracking and sensing solutions for large scale logistic challenges in industrial and harsh environments.  With the deployment of the most energy efficient and robust active RFID technology available, SenZ2 is able to offer fast track implementation without any initial investments in hardware or software. SenZ2 can provide new insights in logistic flows and more grip on your business.

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