SenZ2 starts big data partnership with OSAGE

June 21, 2016 - 12:06 PM
SenZ2 partners with OSAGE in the field of IoT and big data. OSAGE is a renowned design and interaction agency focussed on communication issues and bringing these back to the core, no matter how complex they may be. With its vision that everything can be made simple, OSAGE’s contribution in the field of IoT and big data representation and visualisation is invaluable. Together with OSAGE, SenZ2 develops a platform that yearly can capture more than 1 billion measurements.

SenZ2 and OSAGE focus on the translation of data in valuable information for the business and industrial users. SenZ2 is active in the recycling industry and smart logistics. With professional solutions and services SenZ2 is a frontrunner in the application and management of ‘internet of things’ technology.

Besides the “production” platform OSAGE and SenZ2 will build a “playground”, which offers the possibility to play with data and find new values. Think of machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns, and build predictive processes. The aim is not only to unlock the potential of big data but also to really make it valuable for the business and professional users.

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