Development Kit

What is included

  • Interface board with USB for data-exchange and power;
  • Sensor board with RIC60A, including VCO characteristics;
  • USB cable;
  • GUI/Software for programming the RIC60 (SPI);
  • Sample code (Matlab) for Doppler- and FMCW radar;
  • Calibrated radar target;
  • Development guide;
  • Detailed specifications RIC60A;
  • USB stick with SW, code, package footprint, manual, specifications, and our application notes.

Your Benefit!

The Staal Technologies Radar Development kit is an easy to use evaluation platform for the RIC60A 60GHz radar chip. It consists of a sensor part with the RIC60A version radar and the support board, allowing our users to connect the radar system directly to a PC and Matlab applications. The kit also includes some sample Matlab code for application development.


The development kit serves to explore how to drive the chip in various modes. It allows you to learn the basic principles for the design of an optimal embedded implementation. The enclosed MATLAB examples represent transparent, well-commented scripts showing how to program the chip, how to drive the transmitter, how to read the digital raw data and how to process the data. The scripts also perform live visualisation of raw and processed signals. You can modify them easily, prototype any algorithm and do with the data whatever needed for your application.

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